Works In Progress

The Winemaker’s Seduction is now available on Amazon. I really had fun writing Giorgio’s story. This is the second book in my DiMarco Enterprises Series.

The Sicilian’s Betrayal is the first in that series.

The Glory Girl A short story will soon be available for free on this website.

Liberty McKenna was born on the Fourth of July. 

Joshua Kane fell in love with his Glory Girl, Libby, on the day he moved into the beach house next door to hers. The only problem, she was nine years old, and he was fifteen. He always loved her and would wait to marry his Glory Girl. He knew she had a crush on him, but he was so much older than she. Josh joined the Navy at eighteen, along with his best friend, Libby’s brother Larry. They both wanted to be Navy SEALs. At twenty-four Josh asked Libby to wait for him. Libby went to college and married someone else.

Josh stayed away from his Glory Girl, even when he learned that she divorced her husband. Did Libby love him or was it only a kids crush he had to know. At thirty-four Josh came back to beg her to marry him. 

The Frenchman’s Revenge is in the final draft and ready to be sent to my editor.

Angela DiMarco Lombardo and Andre Bourbon have their own steamy story to tell.

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